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Preventive Dentistry Care in Tacoma, WA

Coming in for routine cleanings is crucial to help you maintain your oral health. Our dedicated staff is happy to assist you in your periodic cleanings.

Routine cleanings are only a part of preventive dentistry and the care of your oral health.

Preventive dental care also includes:

  • Brushing and flossing
  • Following proper nutrition and dietary habits
  • Assessing your risk for developing cavities
  • Evaluating oral growth and development
  • Protecting yourself against injuries

By maintaining your oral health, you also pave the way for proper eating and adequate nutritional intake.


One of the most substantial benefits of preventive dentistry is the reduced risk of gingivitis, a condition due to the long-term effects of plaque deposits.

Gingivitis is characterized by bleeding, swollen, or tender gums, as well as mouth sores.

Preventive dentistry can help to reduce the risk of gingivitis by:

  • Removing plaque
  • Reducing inflammation of gums
  • Easing patient discomfort
  • Improving oral hygiene

At Northwest Dental Services, we will show you how to brush and floss, and will offer tips on how to better your oral hygiene

All of these services will help to reduce your risk of gingivitis and promote good oral health.

Natural Teeth

Our preventive dentistry services can help you to keep your natural teeth for a lifetime.

We will educate you on the origins of plaque, and will guide you through the steps of daily oral hygiene to interrupt the growth of plague on your teeth.

We will also give your teeth a deep cleaning. By doing so, we will help you to

  • Prevent tooth decay
  • Keep your natural teeth
  • Reduce the likelihood that you will need replacement teeth
  • Lessen the cost and extent of future treatments

Preventive dentistry brings a host of benefits; keeping your natural teeth is certainly one of the most enticing!

Contact our hygienist, denturist, and dentist on staff at Northwest Dental Service to learn more about the other services included in our preventive dentistry practice.

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